What will it all cost?

What will it all cost?

You don’t put together such a meaningful piece of legislation as a Neighbourhood Development Plan without it costing something. That’s just not possible and this is to explain how we stand financially as we are starting our consultation process.

The Government ran a number of pilot schemes so that they could have a better idea of how much a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) might cost and the results of those schemes are still being assessed nationwide.

As a Parish Council we have spent a great deal of time and money educating ourselves about the process and its costs.

So our first estimate is that putting together an NDP is going to cost anything between £15,000 to £20,000. We are not able to put a more precise figure on the work at this stage simply because we are stepping into the unknown and, as we gain a greater understanding about what is required to reach our objective, we shall keep you informed about the costs.

So far the Parish Council is able to count upon £8,000 which it has allocated towards putting the plan together. That includes some money that was intended for the delivery and re-writing of the Parish Plan that was published in 2009and then cash allocated in our budgeting process.

We believe that it is so important our Parish has a say in the planning applications and policies being applied to our valley that the expenditure will be totally justified.

And we are intending the supplement the Parish Council’s investment by applying for grants wherever possible.

Currently we are working up an application to a Government fund for up to £7,000 and we shall let you know what progress we make.

The Steering Group will be keeping a tight control of its finances and this will be overseen by the Parish Council.