How long will it all take?

How long will it all take?

The Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Neighbourhood Development (NDP) Plan Steering Group has laid down a work plan with the aim of bringing the NDP into force very early in 2016.

The first tranche of work is about engaging with the whole community and gaining the involvement of as many people and groups as possible in the consultation process and we aim to have this initial piece of work completed by the end of April/ middle of May 2014.

During that time we will be working hard to keep you informed about our progress in as many ways as we can.

Then we have to start the process of putting together a Draft Plan. This involves us assessing the results of the first consultation; drafting initial policies and proposals; producing a framework with our visions and aims and many other vital projects.

At the end of the Draft writing process we have to put together a plan for a compulsory six-week consultation process and this is scheduled for February – March 2015.

We then have to submit the plan to Bradford Council and then take it to Independent Examination and possible modification. This, we expect, will take until September-October 2015.

When we have completed all those conditions then it will be put before you, the electorate, at a referendum when you can vote on whether to accept, or not, the Plan. This should take place, we hope, in December 2015.

And if you like what you see then the Plan should come into force in January 2016 and, from that point, the Bradford Planners will have to take into consideration anything the plan has laid out about development in our Parish when considers Planning Permission applications.

That just has to make it all worthwhile! We have a bigger say in our own destiny!