Former Bradford Lord Mayor and Parish Council Chairman Cllr. Peter Hill will be the collecting point information about sites within the Parish being made available for development on behalf of the NDP Working Group.

The Working Group is going to respond to Bradford Council’s proposals for land to be made available for development in their Local Plan.

It was decided by the Group that not only should we be formulating our own views about which land could or should be made available for development but that we should make our views known to Bradford as should as many people as possible in the Parish.

Bradford Council have said that the Parish must find sufficient land on which to build 400 new houses before 2030. It had previously been seeking land for 600 plus houses but following pressure from Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council and English Heritage the allocation that is part of an allocation the Government is imposing on Bradford Council was reduced.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan gives us as the community to have a say on what kind of development we would like to see in the Parish e.g. a proportion of social, affordable house; senior citizen accommodation; family homes and, of course, sufficient land for our businesses.