Late in 2015 we were informed by our planning consultant Mike Dando that, due to a serious health issue, he would have to resign.

The Steering Group, while being very disappointed at losing a consultant who had successfully guided us through the early stages of the Neighbourhood Development Plan process, totally understood Mike’s position and wished him well in his battle to recover full health.

At the Group meeting in Haworth last evening the Group confirmed the appointment of a replacement consultant, Mr Bob Bryan from Sheffield.

Cllr. John Huxley, the group’s chairman, said: “This is a key appointment for us as Neighbourhood Development Planning is a specialised business and as lay people we simply don’t have the knowledge necessary to deliver a plan on our own.

“After Mike informed us that he would have to leave he was kind enough to put us in touch with people who could advise us and, as a result, we have been pleased to appoint Bob Bryan.

“He has worked with Planning Aid England, the same organisation with whom Mike Dando worked, and he comes high recommended.

“We’d like to welcome Bob on board and we look forward to working with him.”

The group is just putting the finishing touches to the consultation following the publication of the Policy Intentions Document.

Added Councillor Huxley: “We went out more than 3,000 booklets to residents, businesses, neighbouring councils, landowners and statutory bodies. So far we have received more than 300 replies.”

The next step ion the process is to analyse the feedback from all our consultation meetings and start work on drawing up a draft plan based on the opinions that have been expressed at the meetings.