Cllr Tito Arana of Cross Roads (pictured) was elected as chairman of the Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Neighbourhood Development Group Steering Group at their meeting on Thursday, September 8th. He replaces former Parish Council chairman John Huxley.

John, who has been chair of the group for the last three years, will remain as part of the group that is working steadily towards presenting a draft plan for the community to consider. He said: “I believe that it is the right time for the group to have new leadership so that the enthusiasm for the project can be maintained. That is why I decided to relinquish the chair.

“Tito has a great passion for the project and has shown that he can take projects forward. I am happy to work alongside him in making sure that this important piece of work represents the ambitions and requirements of the whole Parish.”

Mr David Senior also of Cross Roads has replaced another former Parish Councillor, Peter Hill, as deputy chairman of the group.

At last Thursday’s meeting the group

Cllr. Tito Arana

Cllr. Tito Arana